Activity & Productivity Monitoring

A Secure Solution that enables Organizations to quickly and cost-effectively monitor and analyze the efficiency and utilization of its Resources

Web usage Tracking

APM Solution provides a full in-depth view of what employees do on the Web. The system will give you a wealth of stats on how the web surfing time at your company is distributed between users, computers, departments, sites sand categories and even by days of the week, dates, and hours! It not only provides the website address and date of access, but it also calculates the amount of time that the user spent on the site.

Custom Web filtering

APM Solution offers a comprehensive web filtering solution for your network. A set of 'allow' and 'deny' rules allows you to build any web filtering policy you want, e.g.: 1. Block all sites except those white-listed for specific users and departments. 2. Allow 30 min of free web surfing per day. 3. Block social sites, IM chats or other unproductive sites. 4. Custom redirect or return a custom html reply on the denied page.

Capture Screenshots

Managers can get access to employee desktop screenshots in real-time and recorded playback mode with multiple display support. It has a built in snapshot player, which allows customizable frequency and image quality, applications to capture or exempt, etc., You can quickly export the captured data as jpeg files, and also search by time, user, system, application etc. System automatically detects idle time, and stops the capture process to save on system resources.

Prevent Data Leaks

Our email recording tool helps to reduce leaks of critical information and get a better idea of employee e-mail communications. Our APM system can capture and save every email message sent or received through the SMTP and POP3 protocols, as well as MS Exchange messages from MS Outlook.All e-mail information — Time, From, To, Subject, Body and even Attachments — is captured. You can filter captured emails by any parameter or search messages for keywords.

Realtime Monitoring

With the Current Activity feature, you can see which employees are working at the moment, what websites they are visiting, and what applications are being used. You can also view the status of each employee: whether the employee is working at the computer at the moment or not, and if not, for how long the employee has been away. The organizational structure tree will help you to easily find the employee who you are looking for.

KPI and Utilization Reporting

Quite often in big companies the key performance indicators are associated with evaluation of end results of the staff activities, and they do not account for the qualitative component and missed opportunities. Thus formally the employee can write the whole day for one task implementation, actually spending just two hours for that. With an APM tool, these trends can be monitored and prevented to enable employees to be more efficient.