Business Applications

While websites make your business visible, Applications help your business function better. With our large portfolio of fully supported applications including CRM, ERP, HRM, LMS, Survey Management etc., you have access to the tools you...

Gamified CRM

With a full featured Gamified CRM, users are rewarded for their activities like adding accounts, creating leads, and opportunities. This keeps your employees engaged and encourages them to use CRM for day to day tasks, while your business benefits from the centralized repository of actionable information. With built-in marketing automation, reporting and workflow features, you can now spend more time on conversions, and less time on managing customer records.

Unlimited Multilingual surveys

With our W3C compliant Survey management, we offer a truly unlimited system (unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, unlimited responses), and in multiple languages right out of the box. Surveys can be custom built with integrated videos and images, include assessment and scoring, and can also be anonymous and non-anonymous surveys. The survey results can be easily imported or exported to text, CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel formats.

Flexible Accounting System

Our Cloud based accounting system is built specifically to accommodate the needs of large enterprises to mid-size and small businesses. But unlike other “off-the-shelf” packages, our accounting package offers you any level of customization necessary to help create a truly unique solution to “fit” your business operations. We offer 5 modules as part of the accounting package: General ledger, Accounts payable, Blling, Inventory and Payroll.