Business Applications

While websites make your business visible, Applications help your business function better. With our large portfolio of fully supported applications including CRM, ERP, HRM, LMS, Survey Management etc., you have access to the tools you need to automate your business functions and make it more efficient.

Gamified CRM

An all-in-one Gamified CRM that covers all your business functions including marketing, sales and project management and is addictively fun to use. It helps you nurture prospects and track results, grow your pipeline and manage customers. With the project management module it helps your team stay organized, collaborate on tasks, and track progress. Visualize goals and hit milestones all done from a single application.

Polls & Surveys

We offer a full featured Survey management system that goes the extra step to gather feedback and analytics from your customers to gauge the level of service and work on areas of improvement. Surveys can be either publicly accessible or be strictly controlled through the use of "once-only" tokens for each survey participant. Additionally results can be anonymous be separation of participants data and result data, even for controlled surveys.

Cloud Accounting

Our Accounting system offers flexible tools and robust functionality along with a secure interface to cater to your business needs. It provides a complete solution for both Windows and Linux platforms. This full-featured application can run on your own hardware as well as on the cloud. We offer technical and functional support alongside customization assistance to adapt the system to your business needs.

Cloud HRMS

Our HR management system offers a choice of specialized modules designed to give you seamless, centralized HR governance across your global business locations. It is a robust and scalable system with configurable workflows, custom reports, advanced rule-based engines and superb customer support. With our HR management system, you benefit from a rich array of modules to suit the specific needs of your company and your budget.

Cloud LMS

We offer an online learning environment that is conducive to learning and scalable to fit organizations of all sizes. Instructors can design and build course content and materials and embed videos and images to make learning more engaging and fun. Students are encouraged to interact and social learning is promoted within the system. Peer reviews and grading is supported, without any administrative overheads.

Flexi Helpdesk

We offer a widely used and trusted support ticket system. It seamlessly routes inquiries created via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. It comes packed with more features and tools than most of the expensive and complex support ticket systems on the market. It also allows you to create triggers and alerts for escalations and SLA breaches.

  • Hosted Email

    With an array of email platforms like MS Exchange, Open Exchange, Zimbra and POP/IMAP emails, we ensure that your business gets the best form of business communication solution to suit your budget.

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  • Hosted Sharepoint

    Connect with employees across the enterprise. Use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas and reinvent the way you work together.

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  • Hosted Office 365

    An all-in-one solution for small and medium businesses, which bundles Office web apps, team site, skype for business, exchange email etc., into one single easy to use package.

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  • VPS & Dedicated Servers

    Reduce Cost, Increase availability, and improve business agility with our premium Virtual and dedicated hosted server solutions.

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  • Cloud Gateway

    Your one stop destination for all cloud services and applications, without the hassle of logging into multiple websites or applications.

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  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is your must have tool for businesses to build brand awareness, nurture relationships and reach your target audiences

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  • Web Design Services

    Your website represents your Business online. So is your website communicating the right message. We help you communicate with your customers and add value to your business with a professional and functional website design and branding services.

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