Business Process Management

Our Business Process Management solution is a fully web based system that allows instantaneous and fluid communication between every stakeholder, ensuring optimal efficiency and continuous improvement of all processes.

Process Design

Our BPM Suite design environment is used to depict technical process models. Processes are recorded in the form of graphical sequence diagrams. Intuitive input wizards assist you in the definition of data exchanges with existing systems and the integration of employees in the processes. Depending on the application and the GUI requirements, dialog pages can be created using Rich Internet Application or in modern HTML pages.

Process Simulation

Within our Designer UI, at any time during the design phase, generated process applications can be launched at the touch of a button for simulation and testing. To put the process applications into operation, these are passed on to the BPM Engine, where they are interpreted and carried out at run-time.

Process Execution

Our BPM Suite was developed above all to support process execution. A process model can be converted into an executable application with just a few clicks and no programming effort. Once a process is automated, it is easy to make modifications and adjust the business process using the Process Designer. The Process Engine ensures that processes are executed according to design, manages persistent process states, and controls initialization of process instances.

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