Cloud Gateway

Your one stop destination for all cloud services and applications, without the hassle of logging into multiple websites or applications.

File Storage and Email Marketing

With Folders for cloud and CakeMail built into our cloud gateway, this gives small and medium businesses an easy to adopt cloud storage and email marketing campaigns without the associated complexities. It allows the users to share and store files in a personal and shared folder that are both integrated in Cloud Gateway.

Backup Services

Backup Agent is a secure cloud backup and recovery tool with great security features built into your Cloud Gateway subscription. This enables users to access multiple critical business applications from one single point from multiple devices, anywhere & anytime. The interfaces are easily configurable to match the organizations brand for the admin & end-user.

Extendable catalog of Apps

With an extensive choice of cloud based applications and services right from exchange email, sharepoint, cake mail, cloud storage, cloud back up, we ensure that all the business requirements for an SMB is met. We also provision custom applications and client applications on demand to suit your requirements.