Enterprise Resource Planning

Plan Wise with WizWyz. Focus on innovation and growth while we swiftly implement your reliable backbone: Single, integrated and web-based ERP Solution for your evolving business requirements.


The financial module supports a variety of billing methods, fixed asset capabilities, cash management, cost control, budget control, and financial statement generators. Our financial module includes full regulatory compliance capabilities for more than 20 countries. Our dedicated team regularly develops, adjusts, and updates the software to comply with changing localization needs.

Business Process Management

With our built-in pre-integrated Business Process management (BPM) module provides an interactive workflow mechanism which gives managers the maximum flexibility in planning, implementing, and enforcing business processes. The BPM module streamlines the work process across all departments to optimize efficiency. Its user-friendly graphical interface and flexibility allow users to easily create business rules, to-do lists, automatic responses, reminders, display warnings, and more.

Business Intelligence

With our built-in Business intelligence module, you get an accurate and integrated view of your business. You can slice and dice data to monitor organizational behaviors, identify trends and plan ahead. The BI and analytic module includes flexible, customized reporting, executive dashboards, business metrics, and drill-down functionality.

CRM & Customer Service

With our CRM module you can manage all marketing and sales efforts and pipelines with a full customer life-cycle management system. The CRM and sales module includes lead management, opportunity management, account management, sales targets, forecast analysis, marketing campaigns, and more. Our integrated customer service module provides a holistic view of each customer. The solution includes an integrated knowledge base, business process management, self-service tools, and Omni-channel support.

Supply Chain & Warehouse Management

The SCM module includes state-of-the-art production and manufacturing control, inventory control, MRP and purchase planning, vendor relationship management, engineering change orders, delivery scheduling, quality assurance, and inter-company transactions. The integrated WMS module includes warehouse optimization, picking and shipping waves, replenishment waves, receiving and put-away tasks, trace-ability, support for mobile devices, bar-code labeling, and RFID tags.

HR & Project Management

With our HR module you can automate, regulate and centralize HR management to gain control of your most important asset, your people, and to ensure your workforce and your business goals are aligned. Our Project management module helps you keep track of customer projects and facilitate team collaboration, coupled with email integration, resource management, SOW, project-related BOM, Gantt charts, project costing, budgeting, and invoicing.