Facility Management & Scheduling

A powerful yet easy to use web based scheduling system giving you complete control over your room bookings and resource scheduling, and trusted by businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Digital Signage

The Digital Signage module for Facility Management System allows you to automatically display a stream of upcoming bookings on display devices (screens) within common areas of your venue, and/or outside individual rooms. If you wish to have multiple screens displaying different content at the same time (in the case of a separate screen outside each room showing only that room's bookings), each screen will require a connection to a different computer, which in turn has a network connection to the server where your system is installed.

Graphical Reports

The system enables you to automatically generate and print a range of graphs and statistics at the click of a button, providing a diverse range of detailed information about your clients, venue usage, bookings, invoices and projected income over a selected date range. Scheduling and client data can be exported in to a range of popular formats, including XML, CSV (for use in your favorite Spreadsheet program), and now iCal formats.

Integrated Invoicing

You can automatically generate invoices for your bookings, which can be printed or emailed to your clients directly from within the program. You can also modify or manually create your own invoices, retrospectively invoice clients, or have the system invoice for cancellation fees if a booking is cancelled at short notice. System can automatically send email reminders to clients when payment for their invoices for the hire/use of your facilities and resources are due. Additionally, notifications can also automatically be sent once payment for an invoice is overdue.

Booking Reminders and Rescheduling

The system can automatically send booking reminders to clients via email in advance of their bookings taking place. If a venue is "Unavailable" at the desired times (for example, if it would conflict with an existing booking, or fall outside the venue's operating hours), system can automatically offer alternate venues and time slots. With our system you can simply "drag and drop" bookings around the scheduling grid, making it quick and easy to move a booking to a different room, date, or time.

Flexi Rates & Online Payments

You can set hourly / daily room rates for each of your venues, have different rates for different days of the week, or different rates for different lengths of bookings. Not only that, you can also apply discounted rates depending upon the type of booking. You can specify the hours of operation of each of your venues, and even "Close" venues for extended periods of time (if you've having renovations or building work, etc). Not only can you generate invoices for your bookings, you can also allow your clients to pay them online using a Credit / Debit Card or PayPal account.

Easy Data Transfer

Our system has the ability to instantly backup your database on-demand through the click of a button. For added piece of mind, the system can also automatically backup its database every day. Backups can be stored on the server and also emailed to you. Also, It's really easy to import bookings and events from a wide variety of other applications, including Google Calendars, Yahoo Calendars etc., into our Facility management system. You can also import data from Spreadsheets, CSV or iCal files.