Fleet Management System

A flexible, adaptable solution for management of vehicles, routes, and personnel using vehicle tracking, telematics, and smart surveillance, to reduce fuel and maintenance expenses while improving efficiency and productivity.

Emergency Response

System features and emergency button that triggers an urgent communication to the command center to respond in case of emergencies. It also features a built in accelerometer, that detects accidents or harsh braking. An auto lock feature automatically locks / unlocks doors when the engine is starting /stopping.

Speed & Fuel monitoring

The system can be programmed to trigger alerts whenever the vehicle goes above / below a pre-defined speed to detect over speeding or unauthorized stops. It can also record mileage per trip and estimate fuel consumption by recording fuel consumed by distance travelled, which minimizes the risk of fuel theft and sub-optimal routing.

Automated Tracking

Our system supports geo-fencing and automated perimeter breach alerts, to ensure that your fleet of vehicles stick to assigned routes, and you are alerted of deviations in real time. This automated tracking also ensures that the vehicle location and condition is monitored at scheduled intervals without the need for any manual intervention.

Flexible Connectivity

  Our fleet management solution is built to be adaptable to a variety of vehicles and interfaces, including CANBus, OBD-II, Odometer and digital outputs. It can natively integrate with third party navigation systems, and supports GPRS and 3G connectivity. It can also function as a backup voice connectivity to and from the vehicle with a connected hands-free kit. Optionally supports the ability to initiate a voice call from the device...

Secure Communication

Our fleet management system ensures top of the line security features including redundant primary and secondary server connectivity, traffic encryption, remote arm and disarm features, gradual engine stop on deliberate disconnection etc., which not only ensures a safe and reliable environment for the driver and passenger, but also provides fleet owners with a real time secure single access view to their fleet and its performance.

Reliable Performance

We ensure that our devices and software are built and perform to the highest standards for uninterrupted usage throughout its life cycle. The devices has a capability to store data transmissions in its internal memory for days in the event of a connectivity failure. The devices are fully certified to the standards of the automotive industry, and also comes with a case that is IP65 certified for protection from water...