Hospital Information System

A proven and reliable EMR and Medical ERP platform that adapts to the needs of small clinics to multi-specialty Hospitals, from Critical Care to specialty wellness centers.

Consultation and referrals

From the front desk, the system generates Physician’s booking diary and schedule. In a single screen, the provider can enter and verify the patient’s attendance reports, capture medical information such as disease code etc. based on WHO standards (ICD codes) or hospital/clinic’s own disease codes, drug administration status, vaccination record, family history, allergies, past surgeries, baseline parameters, blood transfusion and associated medical/clinical data. Our system enables the doctor to prescribe online pathology/ laboratory tests, x-ray examinations, procedures and drugs, which is alerted to the respective departments in real time.

Admission and Discharge

Our system provides extensive data that displays complete patient information, both in terms of personal and medical history and referral and payment details. This in turn is integrated to the front desk and support services functions to ensure updated accurate information on-line for smooth functioning. The discharge module is activated once the discharge is authorized and outstanding payment dues are settled. Once activated the discharge module automatically updates the bed availability and generates a discharge summary form in the hospital/insurance claim format.

Surgery & OT

Surgery and OT module covers the multiple surgery appointment booking. The system has options to capture post-operative information in terms historical data on operations by type of surgery, surgeon, operation time and materials used etc., Options are also available to display details of any past operations conducted on the patient.  Options are provided to create pre-operative procedures, operation resource requirements, surgeon details and operation theater time schedules management.

Ward & Room Management

The Ward and Room functions provide options for both routing and reporting exceptional medical and administrative needs for a patient. It provides options to record a patient’s daily events including intakes, investigation, output, medication and vital signs. The module has options to record primary and secondary diagnosis as well as high-risk details of patient. Optionally clinical observations/profile details can also be entered. These details cover surgery, blood transfusion, serious diseases, vaccination, allergy, and baseline parameters with associated details.

Electronic Medical Records

With a Hospital ERP system, medical records of patients is a core module that stores and retrieves all of the patient information including additional functions such as Patient history, patient file tracking and patient records tracking, besides birth and death registration and pre-natal sub modules.  The module provides options to review file movements, its current location by Patient Registration number or name and thus files can be tracked quickly.

Accounts & Billling

Our ERP system provides a comprehensive and fully integrated automated billing system. The core module facilitates generation of services charge entries for registration, consultation, radiology, laboratories, physiotherapy, special investigations, bed charges, surgery, drugs and special services offered to patients. Other available options cover billing to ( Employer) sponsor organizations & insurance companies, produce split bills, single and interim bills.Payment options include settlement of the bills in local and/or foreign currency, cash/ credit facilities, advance payments and details of charity and waiver given to the patients.