Smart Learning System

A learning environment that engages users with its addictively simple interface, is simple to update and maintain, and secure access to deliver the right content to the target learning group.

Feature Rich & Easy to Use

Our smart learning system provides all the functionality that you expect while keeping the application easy to use and affordable. With years of experience and feedback, we have developed a well-designed application that will get the job done.  The highlight of this system is its graphic-rich, intuitive interface. The functions you need are right where you expect them. Whether you are a student or an administrator, everything you require is logically organized and can be accessed with minimum effort.

Interactive Learning

Learners can pause the video and interact with the content on the spot. They can test their knowledge with quizzes and be informed through relevant articles inside the video. Learners can navigate easily through the book, take notes, highlight important text, discuss with others, take quizzes, read fresh relevant news for each chapter. Administrators can test learners’ knowledge, create separate tests and certifications or present questions inside the video or your ebooks.

Social Learning

Learning is much more engaging and fun when you learn with your peers / friends. We enable your learners to connect with each other and develop strong professional bonds. Learners are able to discuss issues, exchange ideas and tips, share their experiences and advice within a community of practice. A lively discussion can spring up from anywhere in a course, the e-book, the instructional video or even an assignment.