Smart Learning System

A learning environment that engages users with its addictively simple interface, is simple to update and maintain, and secure access to deliver the right content to the target learning group.

Educational Institutions

Our solution helps you educational institution manage and provision disparate education user groups, remove barriers to adoption by providing simple, anytime, anywhere access to web-enabled resources, applications and services. You can efficiently monitor, manage and learn from user behaviors and web and mobile app usage, make better use of scarce technology resources while fostering collaboration, communication, and resource sharing through an organization-branded, personalized platform.

Students, Teachers & Parents

Students benefit from a greater use of anywhere access to any web-enabled resources, applications, information, and services from a single user interface. It facilitates enhanced communication and collaboration in a secure, reliable environment, with minimal training necessary to get started. It becomes easier for parents and teachers to monitor progress, and evaluate learning through a single streamlined interface.

Comprehensive Solution

With a comprehensive end to end learning platform, we enables teachers to manage their lesson plans online through web-based access to the system. It allows the teachers to access the student’s assessment data and to integrate it with classroom assessment data through a single assessment management tool. It also provides a simplified and automated student-teacher-parent workflow processes for tracking attendance, grades, assessment, profiling, planning and reporting.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Plan Wise with WizWyz. Focus on innovation and growth while we swiftly implement your reliable backbone: Single, integrated and web-based ERP Solution for your evolving business requirements.

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  • Business Process Management

    Our Business Process Management solution is a fully web based system that allows instantaneous and fluid communication between every stakeholder, ensuring optimal efficiency and continuous improvement of all processes.

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    'Communications Simplified' A CRM that is as easy to use as Facebook, with all the features that your organization will ever need.

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  • Activity & Productivity Monitoring

    A Secure Solution that enables Organizations to quickly and cost-effectively monitor and analyze the efficiency and utilization of its Resources

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  • Facility Management & Scheduling

    A powerful yet easy to use web based scheduling system giving you complete control over your room bookings and resource scheduling, and trusted by businesses of all sizes across the globe.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Our Business Intelligence solution is one of the first to provide business users with a uniquely personalized and collaborative data discovery experience, presented via highly visual, dynamic info graphics.

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  • Fleet Management System

    A flexible, adaptable solution for management of vehicles, routes, and personnel using vehicle tracking, telematics, and smart surveillance, to reduce fuel and maintenance expenses while improving efficiency and productivity.

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