VPS & Dedicated Servers

Reduce Cost, Increase availability, and improve business agility with our premium Virtual and dedicated hosted server solutions.

Scalable on-demand

With a choice of virtualization platforms, multiple hosting locations, we ensure that you have all the hardware and resources required to scale-out and scale-up seamlessly on-demand as per your needs. This enables you to save on huge upfront costs on buying and stocking hardware, and also relieves you of the burden of having under utilized hardware within your network. Scaling up and down on demand is simple, easy and cost-effective.

Fully customizable and easy to use

With our virtual or dedicated server solutions, you can create cloud servers customized to application requirements and expected load with no fixed hardware resource packages. Resources such as firewall, load balancing, backups, and images can be added as per your needs. Full support for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Easy-to-use, system-to-system interface allows easy access and management of cloud environment anytime and anywhere. Save money by automatically scaling cloud servers to meet your needs.

Stability & Availability

Our VPS solution provides you the added advantage of redundant gigabit connections to multiple Internet backbone providers. In addition, our network operations center monitors all network and server processes and connections 24/7/365 in case of an emergency. Our solution is specifically designed to be the most stable and secure solutions available, which helps streamline your business processes.